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BitMED offers structured, real-world insights, derived through its health platform’s three core services: patient care, educational content and peer-to-peer communities. This data was collected to be mined for R&D, clinical trials and business intelligence.


On-Demand Medical Data

Patients receive no-cost telehealth care in exchange for participation in data-sharing activity, local forums, survey responses, clinical trials and specific partner inquiries. BitMED’s database can be filtered around specific patient parameters to analyze for market research. We can also gather new data on-demand through surveys, inquiries and direct messages to inform new products and services. Expedite R&D and market research today.

High-Quality Data Network

The BitMED network is data-rich and provides a unique opportunity for study by academics or for R&D by private industry.

Clinical Trial Matching

Find and enroll qualified patients to clinical trials.  BitMED’s services allow clinical trials to get moving quickly at a fraction of the cost, and helps prevent loss to follow up and protocol violations.


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BitMED inspires healthy behavior by rewarding preventative health measures and community engagement. Stay active in the BitMED network and earn rewards for:

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  1. Engaging in preventative health maintenance programs

  2. Achieving health milestones and participating in key health activities for chronic disease and weight management

  3. Reading, sharing and creating content in our peer-to-peer social networks

  4. Participating in surveys, polls, product beta-tests, reviews, and data-sharing initiatives

Rewards can be used for additional services on BitMED’s platform, as well as partner goods and services.  

How the BitMED ecosystem works:

  • BitMED provides no-cost global incentivized healthcare for members. No insurance, fees, or copays necessary. In exchange, members agree to share their anonymized data with our network.

  • We partner with health systems to increase their capacity, understand the best use of resources, and optimize clinical practices.

  • BitMED works with local governments to provide valuable insights, decrease healthcare expenses, and provide every individual with free healthcare for non-emergent situations—including rural and underserved communities.

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