Navigate patients to the appropriate care setting.

BitMED's digital health platform connects patients with providers to help better guide them to the appropriate care plan. 


No cost consultations:

Reduce unnecessary claims and medical expenses by providing high quality access to your members through BitMED’s no cost health services.

BitMED cares app allows health systems to rapidly meet care demands at not additional cost.

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Incentivized Health, informed decisions.

Help your members co-pilot their health by utilizing BitMED’s Content, Communities, and Care to help answer any questions about their therapies and improve adherence to treatment plans. 

Incentivize healthy lifestyles and reaching wellness goals with the BXM token.


BXM tokens can be used on platform and within our partner eco-system to unlock goods and services.

Secure, Effieicent claims processing on the blockchain:Process claims quickly and securely, prevent fraud by leveraging the BXM blockchain.

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