BitMED partners with healthcare systems around the world to provide a no-cost Telehealth solution that cuts costs, improves the patient experience, and allows your facility to deliver better outcomes. 

Use BitMED to understand how to best utilize resources, increase capacity, and optimize your clinical practice. 

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Navigate Patients to the Appropriate Care Setting: BitMED’s digital health platform connects patients with providers to guide them to the appropriate care plan.

Patient Engagement: Health system partners submit content that will be optimized and distributed to the right audience. This improves the health system’s brand awareness for clinical services and areas of excellence.

Increase Capacity: Rapidly meet care demands at no additional cost. BitMED expands the reach of the healthcare system by providing additional medical and educational resources, and incentivizing preventative healthcare measures. BitMED attends to the primary care needs of a population and helps to navigate patients to the appropriate in-person care.

Improve Patient Retention and Follow Up: BitMED provides patient follow up and remote monitoring that improves the retention of patients to the health system. Patients are referred back as-needed, ensuring patient health and satisfaction are improved.


Immediate Communication: Send information about nutritional best practices, prenatal care, and alerts on outbreaks via our platform to patients in real-time.

Expert Consultations from Around the World:  Access providers from top U.S. institutions, as well as the WHO for local providers to consult. As a BitMED partner, health systems become a part of a larger network and can work with top academic intuitions in the U.S., Africa and Asia. Take advantage of this global branding opportunity.

Real-Time Data: Leverage data from our network for research, syndromic surveillance, and infrastructure development.

No-Cost, Turnkey Solution: BitMED’s complete solution includes the technology to deliver healthcare, as well as the doctors that staff the system. BitMED employs and pays its own doctors, all at no cost to the patient, health system, or insurance providers.  


The BitMED Blockchain

The BitMED Blockchain is a permissioned network combining the highest health IT standards and interoperability (HIPAA, HITRUST, FHIR) with the security of blockchain and benefits of smart contracts. Members have control over their data and can easily and securely share and be compensated from its use.

  • The BitMED Blockchain addresses the challenges of a permissionless ledger while supporting both transaction-level privacy and network-wide transparency, customizable for specific business requirements.

  • All public and private smart contracts and overall system state derived from a single, shared, complete blockchain of transactions validated by every node in the global network.

  • Private smart contract state is known to validate by only parties to the contract and third parties, like regulators.


How the BitMED Ecosystem Works

  • BitMED provides no-cost, global, incentivized healthcare for members. No insurance, fees, or copays necessary. In exchange, members agree to share their anonymized data with our network.

  • We partner with health systems to increase their capacity, understand the best use of resources, and optimize clinical practices.

  • BitMED works with local governments to provide valuable insights, decrease healthcare expenses, and provide every individual with free healthcare for non-emergent situations—including rural and underserved communities.

  • BitMED’s platform collects anonymized data from its users to be mined for R&D, clinical trials, and business intelligence.