BitMED believes in taking a proactive and holistic view of healthcare. We want our members to feel informed and in control of their health at all times. That is why we do not charge for our care.

Receiving medical care is easy, and you can get started in just a few simple steps; all you need is an internet-enabled smartphone, tablet or computer.

How it Works:

  1. Log in to your BitMED account to start a consultation with a BitMED provider.
  2. Answer a few short questions about your current state of health and why you are seeking medical care, just as you would in a Doctor’s waiting room. You may also upload photos as necessary.
  3. A provider will be with you within 10 minutes of your inquiry. Chat with a doctor via instant messenger to begin your consultation. If necessary, a video consultation may be scheduled.
  4. Prescriptions can be sent to your local pharmacy if necessary.

Once we have a complete understanding of your health profile, we will send you reliable and accurate information to help you live a happy and healthy lifestyle. You may also join one of our numerous chat rooms to share stories and receive tips from other members just like you.

BitMED inspires healthy behavior by rewarding preventative health measures and community engagement. Stay active in the BitMED network and earn rewards for:

  1. Engaging in preventative health maintenance programs
  2. Achieving health milestones and participating in key health activities for chronic disease and weight management
  3. Reading, sharing and creating content in our peer-to-peer social networks
  4. Participating in surveys, polls, product beta-tests, reviews, and data-sharing initiatives

Rewards can be used for medical services through BitMED, or redeemed for goods and services from our partners.