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BitMED is a global company active within the US, Africa, and Asia. Currently, BitMED is onboarding 22.5 million members through our existing channel partners. Our goal is to increase the pre-signup reach to 100M by mid-2018, with 40% of the initial pre-signup batch signed up by end of 2017. In our next phase of development, facilitated by the token sale, BitMED intends to rebuild all existing products and services on the BXM Ecosystem for scale and build new products and services asked for by members.

The BitMED ecosystem and its decentralized applications allow for an incentivized, secure, and reliable collaboration of data between stakeholders (most importantly the patient) in the health delivery process. Incentivization allows for a shift from engaging in health only when sick to health maintenance to the eventual goal of personalization and optimization of one's health. Our blockchain protocol will allow for great interoperability and opportunity for third parties to innovate moving forward. Below is our product roadmap, where we have been and where we intend to take BitMED over the next few years.

BitMED is the first global, no-cost healthcare solution on the market. Through the use of blockchain technology and our BXM token, we provide members a place to receive free Telehealth services, chat in online forums, and read personalized, curated content in exchange for monetizing their healthcare data—it’s a win win for everyone.

BitMED works alongside local government and health care systems to lower the barriers of entry, offer healthcare in remote and low-income areas, and to increase patient intake at established healthcare institutions.


BitMED: Incentivized Health with the BXM Token


BitMED’S Digital Health Platform Starts With Three Core Decentralized Applications


No cost healthcare through real-time messaging with US-board certified physicians Members may chat with physicians or make appointments for live video consultations Members choose how they would like to access BitMED health services by contributing anonymized data or contributing token. There are no copays or hidden fees.


72% of internet users looked online for health information within the past year

We provide personalized, Medically correct content matched to members’ concerns and interests. Our members can earn BXM token by sharing great content in communities

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Not every answer comes from a doctor, sharing experiences is a critical (and overlooked) part of health. We provide peer-to-peer communities where members can earn and contribute BXM token while discussing issues, interests, and experiences


Our Roadmap

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