We want to make accessing reliable health care as effortless as a Google search. - Dr. Rishi Madhok


Dr. Rishi Madhok and Bo Vargas founded BitMED in 2015 to create a healthcare solution that didn’t charge for care—no easy feat.

Dr. Madhok, as a practicing physician, realized the flaws in the way people treat healthcare. People visit a doctor when they’re sick, if they can afford it. Busy schedules get in the way of dermatologist visits, general checkups are forgotten about, and oftentimes high deductibles or confusing Medicaid stop people from going to the doctor at all.

Not to mention he saw doctors who spent years going through medical school spend half of their time filling out notes for billing and insurance purposes rather than practicing medicine. Talk about a broken system.

He teamed up with technology expert Bo Vargas to create a new kind of healthcare solution. One that didn’t surprise the patient with extravagant medical bills for taking a preventative approach to their health.

BitMED empowers patients to take control of their health through 24/7 Telehealth services, educational content, and peer-to-peer communities.  

BitMED generates revenue by leasing anonymized data to companies who need to validate algorithms, complete clinical studies, or utilize research and development for new products.

We offer our medical services at no-cost to the patient and lower the barrier to entry to obtain medical consultations. We want to make accessing reliable health care as effortless as a Google search. We only ask that members are open to sharing their medical data with our partners. This will lead to medical breakthroughs—it’s a win win.

We will never share our members' data without their permission and adhere to the highest standard of privacy and information security through our blockchain technology.


The BitMED ecosystem consists of:



Consult a physician in 5 minutes or less via text message and video consultations 24 hours a day, seven days a week from any internet-enabled phone, tablet, or computer. No insurance, no copays, no bills and no fees, ever.

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Sharing in a collective experience is a critical component of health maintenance. BitMED's communities are a place where members can discuss common issues, interests, and experiences all while providing and receiving emotional support from one another. This is a modern-day health chat room, a place where you can ask others for day-to-day advice on how to manage your health.


Curated Content

72% of internet users looked online for health information within the past year, but unfortunately the internet is filled with armchair “doctors” who do not provide accurate or reliable information. BitMED provides reliable and medically sound content that matches our members’ needs. Personalized educational content is delivered directly to members’ profiles for them to review, save, and share.

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BitMED inspires healthy behavior

by rewarding preventative health measures and community engagement. Stay active in the BitMED network and earn rewards for:

  1. Engaging in preventative health maintenance programs

  2. Achieving health milestones and participating in key health activities for chronic disease and weight management

  3. Reading, sharing and creating content in our peer-to-peer social networks

  4. Participating in surveys, polls, product beta-tests, reviews, and data-sharing initiatives

Rewards can be used for medical services through BitMED, or redeemed for goods and services from our partner.


The History of BitMED