BitMED is rethinking the way patients and doctors engage in healthcare by bringing a no-cost healthcare solution to market.

Providing free healthcare is not easy and requires bringing together the best and brightest minds in healthcare and technology. BitMED has a world-class team of doctors and technology strategists to build a new business model for the healthcare industry.

Meet the people who make BitMED possible.


our Team


Rishi Madhok, MD

CEO, Co-Founder

Dr. Madhok has been a practicing physician for over 10 years. During that time he recognized the flaws in the healthcare system and was inspired to start BitMED. He still practices emergency medicine at UCSF Medical Center and is an editor at Telemedicine Magazine. Dr. Madhok is committed to bringing a global, no-cost healthcare solution to market.


Valerie Lara

Head of People

Valerie Lara is versatile, analytical, and meticulous operations professional with HR management and talent acquisition experience in high-growth technology startups. Previously, she managed the HR department at OwnLocal, a fast-paced SaaS startup, and was integral in scaling the team from 25 to 75 employees.



Bo Vargas

CTO, Co-Founder

Bo is a serial entrepreneur and technical co-founder. He brings more than two decades of experience to BitMED. With a deep domain understanding of data, Bo has founded and advised several high growth healthcare technology companies. 




Tyler Pugh

Senior Software Engineer

Tyler Pugh is a senior software engineer with several years of experience designing, developing and deploying highly functional web applications. His affinity for working with startups has provided him with the necessary experience to build efficient development teams while also contributing to the full stack of the product.


Aurelian ‘AD’ Dumitru

VP of Engineering

AD brings over 20 years of experience in designing, building and delivering everything from hyper-scale data centers to Cloud, Big Data, and IoT solutions in a variety of large and small company settings. He has led small, startup-like, engineering teams to large-scale global organizations.



Cole Latimer

Senior UX/UI Designer

Cole Latimer is a UX/UI and visual designer with over 17 years of experience in the field. As a designer, Cole focuses on creating consistent, approachable branding and visual design languages that simplify complex, data-heavy workflows. She has a passion for accessibility and intuitive interactions.


Daniel Ricaud

Back-End Engineer

Daniel Ricaud is a full stack engineer with an education in computer science from the University of Texas at Austin. As a back-end engineer he focuses on building clean, structured and highly scalable back-ends and has experience architecting servers, databases, and the overall infrastructure of an application from the ground up.


Zach Gaines

Front-End Engineer

Zach Gaines is a Front-End Engineer who specializes in front-end component-based frameworks and CSS. He is passionate about creating stunning and intuitive user interfaces.

Avaneesh  Srivastav

Senior  Systems  Engineer

Avaneesh  Srivastav  is  a  Senior  Systems  Engineer  with  over  16  years  of  experience  developing  software.    He  received  a  Bachelor's  in  Computer  Science  from  Texas  A&M  University.    Avaneesh  is  responsible  for  the  system  and  software  delivery  function  and  active  participation  in  the  design  and  implementation  of  core  components.

Ramesh Srinivasan.jpg

Ramesh Srinivasan

VP of Healthcare Product

Ramesh is an experienced digital health marketing and product strategy executive. Throughout his career, Ramesh has been singularly focused on delivering a connected experience by
spearheading health information access and outreach for consumers worldwide. He has successfully developed and managed strategic relations with top tier health plans, causerelated associations and national pharmacy chains. 


Greg Saint James

VP of Marketing

Greg is an experienced sales and marketing executive with an extensive background in software and hardware solutions across a wide range of vertical markets and industries. Having lived and worked in Paris, France and Amsterdam, Netherlands, Greg also has a strong international background and enjoys the challenge of supporting customers and leading teams across time zones and cultures. Greg is especially passionate about building and growing new solutions into well-run businesses that lead in market share and share of voice.


Medical, Blockchain, and Strategic Advisors


Michael Roux

Michael Roux has had a leading role in both government and business circles in Australia and internationally over several decades.  He has demonstrated leadership, initiative, business acumen and entrepreneurship using his expertise in management and organisation to build and create major changes and reform. 


0 (1).jpeg

Bradley Rotter

Visionary who has pioneered investment in many new investment classes, beginning with Hedge Funds in 1982. He leads the BitCoin Foundation and is a crypto evangelist.

stephen copy.jpg

Stephen Roux

CEO of Dragon Tree Capital, Southeast Asia Chairman, YPO Global Diplomacy Network and Vice Chairman—ADC Asia 100.


Ron Ribitzky, MD

Senior Healthcare Strategist at Intel. Blockchain Work Group, HIMSS. Graduate of Harvard Medical School.


Anthony Coscio

Managing partner at TokenStack Partners, LLC.


Timothy McSweeney

Early stage technology and consumer products investor.

Christian Bannerman .jpg

Christian Bannerman

Cofounder at Alpha Chamber of Commerce

Rik Willard

Founder of Agentic Group and Interim CEO of Global Blockchain Technologies. Rik is a fellow at the Foreign Policy Association, an advisor to Baruch College and maintains other board appointments.

Rafael J. Grossmann.jpg

Rafael J. Grossmann, MD, FACS

Surgeon/Speaker/TEDx/Exponential Med Faculty/1st GoogleGlass Surgeon

Andrew Clyne

Experienced global leader, executive, and trusted advisor.  During his career of over thirty years in the Financial Services and Technology industry, he has earned a reputation as an effective and ethical leader who delivers on data monetization, Big Data and Analytics, and complex global operations initiatives.


Alex Kosik

Successful serial technology entrepreneur focused on Life Sciences, Blockchain, Venture Capital and M&A.

board of directors


Dr. Rishi Madhok


Bo Vargas


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