BitMED is rethinking the way patients and doctors engage in healthcare by bringing a no-cost healthcare solution to market.

Providing free healthcare is not easy and requires bringing together the best and brightest minds in healthcare and technology. BitMED has a world-class team of doctors and technology strategists to build a new business model for the healthcare industry.


LEadership Team


Rishi Madhok, MD

CEO, Co-Founder

Dr. Madhok has been a practicing physician for over 10 years. During that time he recognized the flaws in the healthcare system and was inspired to start BitMED. He still practices emergency medicine at UCSF Medical Center and is an editor at Telemedicine Magazine. Dr. Madhok is committed to bringing a global, no-cost healthcare solution to market.


Bo Vargas

CTO, Co-Founder

Bo is a serial entrepreneur and technical co-founder. He brings more than two decades of experience to BitMED. With a deep domain understanding of data, Bo has founded and advised several high growth healthcare technology companies.

Medical, Blockchain, and Strategic Advisors

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Bradley Rotter

Visionary who has pioneered investment in many new investment classes, beginning with Hedge Funds in 1982. He leads the BitCoin Foundation and is a crypto evangelist.


Anthony Coscio

Managing partner at TokenStack Partners, LLC.


Timothy McSweeney

Early stage technology and consumer products investor.

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Christian Bannerman

Cofounder at Alpha Chamber of Commerce

Rik Willard

Founder of Agentic Group and Interim CEO of Global Blockchain Technologies. Rik is a fellow at the Foreign Policy Association, an advisor to Baruch College and maintains other board appointments.

Rafael J. Grossmann.jpg

Rafael J. Grossmann, MD, FACS

Surgeon/Speaker/TEDx/Exponential Med Faculty/1st GoogleGlass Surgeon

board of directors


Dr. Rishi Madhok


Bo Vargas


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