Gain insights, decrease expenses, and provide every individual with free healthcare—including rural and underserved communities—using BitMED.

BitMED provides patients free access to U.S. Board Certified physicians via text messaging and video consultation, publishes curated, member-specific content, and creates supportive peer-to-peer communities.

Telehealth services are proven to reduce hospital costs by $20,000+ per year annually and save patients 50% or more per visit. The time and convenience of Telehealth care services promote a healthier community and improved experience. 


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With BitMED you receive access to:

Economic Advantage: Improve productivity and GDP while reducing healthcare costs.  BitMED’s market analytics drive local economic development by identifying areas for new investments and businesses based on needs within the existing health systems. Our ecosystem incentivizes entrepreneurship and provides opportunities for local partnerships.

Increased Capacity: Increase access to healthcare and education without any additional expenses, especially in rural and underserved communities.

High-Quality Data Network: BitMED’s network is data rich and provides a unique opportunity for study by academics or for R&D by private industry.

A Turnkey Healthcare Solution: BitMED is a complete solution that includes the technology to deliver remote healthcare, as well as the doctors that deliver the care. BitMED employs and pays its own doctors and provides all technology at no cost to the patient, the government, or insurance providers.

Outcome Reporting: BitMED creates a health network that governments can utilize to efficiently improve outcome reporting, syndromic surveillance and the understanding of resource utilization. 




BitMED assists people in the following areas: Primary Care, Urgent Care, Second Opinions, Health Maintenance, Women’s Health, Diabetes, Hypertension, Chronic Care, Mental Health (coming soon).


How the BitMED ecosystem works:

  • BitMED provides no-cost, global incentivized healthcare for members. No insurance, fees, or copays necessary. In exchange, members agree to share their anonymized data with our network.

  • We partner with health systems to increase their capacity, understand the best use of resources, and optimize clinical practices.

  • BitMED works with local governments to provide valuable insights, decrease healthcare expenses, and provide every individual with free healthcare for non-emergent situations—including rural and underserved communities.

  • BitMED’s platform collects anonymized data from its users to be mined for R&D, clinical trials, and business intelligence.