Here at BitMED we appreciate transparency and creativity. So, let’s try something new. We would like to give you the opportunity to learn more about this role the same way we would get to know you. An application!

We’ll go first…

Why is this position crucial to BitMED?

Our lean team is ready to grow! We are rapidly onboarding 22M members to our platform and that number is growing everyday. By joining BitMED, this person will have the opportunity to be one of the first contributors to building our native blockchain protocol and token. It’s crucial that we develop a strong core engineering team that can work together to enhance all the elements of our platform. This individual will establish the building blocks of our protocol, with a heavy focus on storage, privacy, and transaction.

Why does this person want to work at BitMED?

They are excited about helping bring blockchain technology to widespread usage in the healthcare community. Joining BitMED is a strategic and advantageous career move for them as they will play a crucial role as a contributor to bringing a global, no-cost healthcare solution to market. They visualize the impact they’ll have in this role and are prepared to offer their expertise towards building a successful new platform that will change the way the world views healthcare.

What will this person do on a day-to-day basis?

Obviously, being at a startup means no two days are the same. Our Senior Back-End Engineer will work with our leadership team to iron out and manage their daily tasks and projects. We fully expect this individual to be comfortable supporting our DApps, dissecting our modules, and developing protocols. This individual will mainly work on low-latency distributed systems. They will spend most of their time writing, testing, debugging and deploying smart contracts and building the system design.

What is this person expected to accomplish within their first 90 days?

This individual should be ready to contribute as soon as they can, so their first few weeks will be dedicated to getting up to speed on BitMED’s past, present and future. This person will focus on multiple disciplines such as machine learning, blockchain and the healthtech industry. The goal is to develop software for our microservices and DApps. By the end of their first 90 days, this individual will have successfully accomplished multiple releases of various feature sets.

What qualities should this person have?

BitMED is looking for a person with the willingness to learn and ability to contribute right off the bat. They can balance timeliness and business priorities with technical feasibility. They have a genuine interest in blockchain. They are adamant about solving problems and are a reliable resource for insight and assessment of technical issues. They are able to speak openly and humbly about their failures and mistakes, clearly articulating what happened and how it was addressed.

What experience should this person have?

This individual has 8+ years experience and either a degree in computer science/engineering or significant invested time in learning computer science fundamentals. This person has experience working on distributed low-latency systems. They have built robust solutions that can handle hundreds of millions of users and trillions of transactions. They also have experience working with open-source software and possess strong skills in testing, source control, documentation, refactoring and troubleshooting.

What technical skills MUST this person have a strong understanding of?

You must have 8+ years experience in each of the following:

  • Designing and developing computer science fundamentals: algorithms, data structures, networking, protocols, distributed systems, crypto etc.
  • JavaScript

You must have 5+ years experience in each of the following:

  • C++ and Go
  • SQL and NoSQL data architecture, designs and implementations
  • Designing, developing and supporting decentralized architectures through other supporting infrastructures
  • Designing integration between software services and/or software services and infrastructure, including APIs, data constructs
  • Integrating multiple data sources and databases into one system
  • Designing user authentication and authorization services

What skills would we like this person to have?

  • Experience with Go as it pertains to financial exchanges and blockchain protocol development

  • Prior DApps development and contributions to other blockchain solutions are a strong plus

  • A quick learner with a deep understanding of blockchain protocols and experience in cryptography or financial software

Your turn!