Here at BitMED we appreciate transparency and creativity. So, let’s try something new. We would like to give you the opportunity to learn more about this role the same way we would get to know you. An application!

We’ll go first…

Why is this position crucial to BitMED?

Our lean team is ready to grow! We are rapidly onboarding 22M members to our platform and that number is growing everyday. Our Senior DevOps Engineer will be responsible for establishing processes that drive the success of our development and operations team. They will be an integral contributor in developing our engineering culture. This person will be a key enabler for shorter development cycles, faster innovation, reduced deployment failures and improved communications and collaboration.

Why does this person want to work at BitMED?

They are excited about bringing blockchain technology to the healthcare community at scale. Joining BitMED is a strategic and advantageous career move for them as they will play a crucial role as a contributor to bringing a global, no-cost healthcare solution to market. They visualize the impact they’ll have in this role and are prepared to offer their expertise towards building a successful new platform that will change the way the world views healthcare.

What will this person do on a day-to-day basis?

The Senior DevOps Engineer will work side-by-side with software development, system engineering, operations and release management to automate the delivery of infrastructure components and software releases to target environments. This person will not only own the system and software delivery function, but also actively participate in the design and implementation of our core software and system functions.

What is this person expected to accomplish within their first 90 days?

This person will assess the status of our current products and build upon them. They will work with various members of the engineering team to automate the delivery of software to production and non-production environments, and lead the integration between various services, including monitoring and alerting. During their first 90 days, our Senior DevOps Engineer will aid in setting up a one-step developer environment, and by the end of their first 90 days, we expect our system to be 100% cloud agnostic.

What qualities should this person have?

BitMED is looking for a person with the willingness to learn and ability to contribute right off the bat. They can balance timeliness and business priorities with technical feasibility. They are adamant about solving problems and are a reliable resource for insight and assessment of technical issues. They are able to speak openly and humbly about their failures and mistakes, clearly articulating what happened and how it was addressed.

What experience should this person have?

This individual has a proven track record of developing DevOps culture and processes and has a degree in computer science/engineering or invested significant time in learning computer science fundamentals. They have a minimum of 8 years of experience building and delivering DevOps automation solutions from start to finish, especially as it pertains to distributed low-latency systems. They have helped automate and streamline operations and processes. They have build and maintained tools for deployment, monitoring and operations. They have experience identifying and troubleshooting system performance, uptime and availability issues including network and connectivity in development, test, and production environments. They have reviewed the operational readiness of applications through monitoring tools, scripting and automation.

What technical skills MUST this person have a strong understanding of?

  • Linux/Unix Administration

  • Container technologies like Docker and Kubernetes

  • Cloud automation tools and technologies like Chef, Terraform, etc.

  • AWS, including setting up VPCs, subnets, routing, Direct Connect, VPC Peering, security groups, IAM roles and policies

  • Automation/configuration management using SaaS-based CI/CD services (TravisCI, etc.)

  • A wide variety of open source technologies and cloud services (experience with AWS is required)

  • SQL and NoSQL

  • Python programming experience

  • Best practices and IT operations in an always-up, always-available service

  • Agile/Scrum work environment and development process

What skills would we like this person to have?

  • Working understanding of blockchain technologies, cryptocurrency, and financial software

  • Working understanding of QA automation processes and tools

  • Working understanding of application performance engineering principles and practices

  • Knowledge of software release practices and procedures

Your turn!