Here at BitMED we appreciate transparency and creativity. So, let’s try something new. We would like to give you the opportunity to learn more about this role the same way we would get to know you. An application!

We’ll go first…

Why is this position crucial to BitMED?

Our lean team is ready to grow! We are rapidly onboarding 22M members to our platform and that number is growing everyday. BitMED understands the importance of design and development. This position is a crucial part of our core engineering team because we want to provide a delightful experience for the end user across all levels of our technology. BitMED needs someone to spearhead the localization challenges that come with building a global product. This individual will manage all touch points for the end user and understands that the success of our product relies on an effective and secure interface.

Why does this person want to work at BitMED?

They are excited about bringing blockchain technology to the healthcare community at scale. Joining BitMED is a strategic and advantageous career move for them as they will play a crucial role in bringing a global, no-cost healthcare solution to market. They are eager to learn and be challenged. They desire to be at the forefront of innovative healthcare technology and enjoy crafting new types of interactive experiences that will be used by millions of people. They visualize the impact they’ll have in this role and are prepared to offer their expertise towards building a successful platform that will change the way the world views healthcare.

What will this person do on a day-to-day basis?

This individual will work with our tech leadership team to run design sprints and focus on implementing a winning design. Their daily tasks and projects will center around usability, UX/UI and A/B testing. They will design and evolve solutions for our platform that drive high reuse and scalability. This individual will apply mobile-first, responsive design to developing web applications that support the localization of each global market. They will craft code that will serve as the interface for our DApps and deliver strong user-centric design.

What is this person expected to accomplish within their first 90 days?

This individual must hit the ground running and be ready to contribute immediately. They will work with members of the Engineering team to gain an understanding of BitMED’s infrastructure and architecture. This person will assess the status of our current products and get involved in the scoping and planning of the next generation of our front-end components. They will investigate and propose solutions for our most challenging technological problems. During their first 90 days, they will conduct multiple design sprints and complete at least one product release with the aid of their team.

What qualities should this person have?

This individual understands human interfaces and intuitions and has a strong eye for detail and design. They have an innovative vision and understand how a successful product should work. They value new perspectives and can manage their priorities and adjust to shifting goals and deliverables with ease. Rewriting, refactoring, and perfecting code comes second nature to them. Their background in web technologies allows them to quickly identify issues and resolve them to create a great user experience.

What experience should this person have?

This person has 8+ years of relevant software development experience using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Additionally, this person has 5+ years of relevant experience with Node. They have a solid understanding of computer science and can articulate the benefits between languages. This individual has proven experience delivering enterprise-level applications with frequent delivery of production-ready code. They have developed applications for a vast array of clients and have strong DOM experience.

What technical skills MUST this person have a strong understanding of?

  • WebSocket and React programming

  • ReactJS, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

  • Flux Design Pattern or one of the libraries it inspired (i.e. Redux, Fluxxor, etc.)

  • CSS preprocessors like Sass or LESS

  • JS-based build tools like Grunt, Gulp, and Bower

  • Unit Testing with Karma or Jest

  • JavaScript Libraries like jQuery or Backbone.js

  • Front-end (CSS) frameworks like Foundation or Bootstrap and AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

What skills would we like this person to have?

  • Experience working on blockchain protocol development

  • Experience with healthcare mobile development and design

  • Advanced UI/UX design skills with a strong focus on building wallets

Your turn!