BitMED: Incentivized Health

The NSX token will now be the BXM token 

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BitMED’s Digital Health Platform starts with

3 core decentralized applications:


CARE - No cost healthcare

  • Real-time messaging with US-board certified physicians
  • Appointments for live video consultations
  • Members choose how they would like to access BitMED health services by contributing anonymized data or contributing token
  • No copays or hidden fees

CONTENT - Personalized, reliable information

  • 72% of internet users looked online for health information within the past year
  •  Medically correct content matched to members’ concerns and interests
  • Earn BXM token by sharing great content in communities

COMMUNITIES - Peer-to- peer health

  • Not every answer comes from a doctor, sharing experiences is a critical (and overlooked) part of health.
  • Earn and contribute BXM token while discussing issues, interests, and experiences 
  • Modern-day health chat room: ask others for day-to-day advice on how to manage their health.

The BitMED ecosystem: built around the BXM token


The BXM ecosystem allows for an incentivized, secure, and reliable collaboration of data between patients, providers, researchers, industry partners, and other stakeholders in the health delivery process. Incentivization allows for a shift from engaging in health only when sick to personalization and optimization of one's health.


Earn tokens for sharing anonymized data, completing surveys, and achieving health goals

Use tokens for additional physician visits, redeem them on our partner sites, or reward great content and communities

Early Adopters

Earn tokens for contributing content and leading great community discussions

Use tokens for promoting content, creating new communities

Third parties

Earn tokens through service offerings

Use tokens to transact data and study health insights


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Beyond HIPAA: The BitMED Blockchain 

The BitMED Blockchain is a permissioned network combining the highest health IT standards and interoperability (HIPAA, HITRUST, FHIR) with the security of blockchain and benefits of smart contracts.  Members have control over their data and can easily and securely share and be compensated from its use.

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The BitMED blockchain is based on Hyperledger and Quorum technology which addresses the challenges of a permissionless ledger while supporting both transaction-level privacy and network-wide transparency, customizable to business requirements

All public and private smart contracts and overall system state derived from a single, shared, complete blockchain of transactions validated by every node in the global network.

Private smart contract state is known to and validated by only parties to the contract and approved third parties, like regulators.



BitMED is a global company active within the US, Africa, and Asia.  Currently, BitMED is onboarding 22.5 million members through our existing channel partners. Our goal is to increase the pre-signup reach to 100M by mid-2018, with 40% of the initial pre-signup batch signed up by end of 2017. In our next phase of development, facilitated by the token sale, BitMED intends to rebuild all existing products and services on the BXM Ecosystem for scale and build new products and services asked for by members.

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Token Sale

Total BXM Token Supply 500,000,000

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BXM Crowdsale: coming soon

Purchase methods accepted: BTC and ETH

Ethereum ERC20-compliant


leadership team


Rishi Madhok

MD, CEO, Co-Founder


Ranjeet Nabha

Chief Strategy Officer



Bo Vargas

CTO, Co-Founder